Demonstrations and pickets

Thousands march against Housing Bill: Thousands of people marched through London on Sunday against the Tory government’s plans to destroy council housing through enforced sales, higher rents and elimination of secure tenancies. Report Paul Feldman / photos Peter Arkell.

Tolpuddle march grows in face of new union threats: Thousands of trades unionists and their families descended on the tiny Dorset village of Tolpuddle last weekend to celebrate the lives of the six famous farmworkers from the village. Photo report by Peter Arkell

Festive start to Occupy Democracy’s election action: Occupy Democracy’s 10-day festival outside Parliament kicked off on May Day. Report by Corinna Lotz; photos Peter Arkell

Fire minister accused of lying over pensions as firefighters strike: Firefighters’ leader Matt Wrack has accused the government of lying to parliament to force through changes to pensions. He was speaking as firefighters across England staged another strike in defence of their hard-won pension conditions. Photo report

Anti-Trident demonstrators circle Ministry of Defence: Several thousand people surrounded the Ministry of Defence in London with a huge knitted scarf at the week-end calling on the government to “wrap up” the Trident nuclear missiles programme.

Occupy ends Parliament Square action: Occupy Democracy’s successful nine-day action in Parliament Square which defied police harassment and 40 arrests, ended yesterday with assemblies about solutions and strategy.

Up to a million public sector workers joined today’s one-day strike: photo report

Thousands join London march against austerity: Around 20,000 people from all over the country marched through Central London last weekend to protest against the ConDems’ austerity policies organised by the Peoples Assembly Against Austerity. Photo report by Peter Arkell.

Demo outside Chelsea FC backs Ukrainian miners: Supporters of Ukrainian miners who are demanding a rise to compensate for a cut in real wages by 50%, protested outside Chelsea FC in London yesterday where employer EVRAZ was holding its AGM.

Justice for Kryviy Rih Miners: London protest for Ukraine miners in their struggle against the “greed of Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs” – photo report.

Tube strike success: Solid RMT strike shuts down most of London Underground

Firefighters call off pensions strike after talks

Firefighters to stage second pensions strike: Photo report by Peter Arkell

Firefighters strike in defence of pensions: Photo report by Peter Arkell

All kicking off in Balcombe camp now: Julie Timbrell reports from the front line with photos

Anti-frack support grows at Balcombe: Photo report by Peter Arkell

British state thuggery forcing through shale gas: Matthew Worsdale reports from the front line of the fight against fracking.

March against Monsanto mobilises millions: More than two million people participated in peaceful protests and marches against seed giant Monsanto over the weekend in 436 cities throughout the world. Photo report by Peter Arkell in London.

Thousands in London march to defend the NHS: Several thousand people marched through London to Downing Street at the weekend in protest against the ConDems’ plans to carve-up the National Health Service and shut down key services. Photo report by Peter Arkell.

West London hospital cuts march: Over 1,000 people demonstrated in two marches through Ealing in West London at the weekend to protest at proposed cuts in their local hospitals. Photo report by Peter Arkell.

Brutal deportation ‘murder’ claim: Friends of a woman who died soon after being forcibly deported accuse the UK Borders Agency of murder. Photo report by Peter Arkell.

Johnson threatens to sack London firefighters | Photo report: London mayor Boris Johnson is threatening firefighters with compulsory redundancies after failing to persuade the capital’s fire authority to consult on his plans to close a dozen fire stations.

Paris killings & the long hand of the Turkish state: Most observers suspect the hand of the Turkish state in the brutal assassination of three Kurdish leaders in Paris on 9 January. Corinna Lotz reports | Photos by Maryam Ashrāfi

Firefighters set for showdown with London mayor: Photo report by Peter Arkell

Bangladesh garment workers formed Human chain demanding arrest of Tazreen Fashion's owner

Anger at NUS leader as march turns into a damp squib: The Labour-led National Union of Students has managed to demoralise a movement that two years ago shook the government with an unprecedented show of anger over the decision to triple university fees

Milliband booed at rally: Over 130,000 trade unionists and supporters marched through London in an anti-austerity demonstration called by the TUC. Photo report

Pensions strike gets massive backing: photo report 10 May 2012

Global protests demand release of Liu Xiaobo: Poets and writers gathered in towns and cities across the globe yesterday to demand the release of Chinese writer and human rights activist Liu Xiaobo.

SF occupation marches for immigrant rights: The San Franciso occupation in Justin Herman Plaza joined a march with banners declaring that immigrants are part of the 99%. Photos by David Bacon

Alan Bennett backs Occupy London: Playwright Alan Bennett paid a surprise visit to the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp at St Paul's Churchyard.

'Total policing' on student demo: photo report

Day 18: #OccupyLSX photos

Day 13: #OccupyLSX photos

Day 8: #OccupyLSX photos

Day 6: #OccupyLSX photos

Report and photos from Day 4: Occupy LSX

Photos from Day 3: #OccupyLSX

We want our futures back The high-spirited crowd that gathered before St Paul’s Cathedral on the first day of the 15th October occupation came from many parts of the country. Amongst them was Nick Stebbings from Carthmarthenshire in West Wales, holding a hand-made placard.

Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street spreads to West Coast port city of Oakland Hundreds of people meet in Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall to join the nationwide protests started in New York City with Occupy Wall Street.

Thousands join anti-government marches in Manchester & Glasgow Thousands of trade unionists, private sector workers, youth, students and community groups marched in Manchester and Glasgow on Saturday against government cuts that are devastating public services and jobs.

Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street spreads to West Coast port city of Oakland Hundreds of people in front of Oakland City Hall to join the nationwide protests started in New York City with Occupy Wall Street. Photos by David Bacon

Big marches against ConDems Thousands of trade unionists, private sector workers, youth, students and community groups marched in Manchester and Glasgow on Saturday against government cuts that are devastating public services and jobs. Photo report from Glasgow.

Outraged arrive in Madrid: The six marches of Spain’s “outraged” los indignados converged on the capital to the warmest of receptions.

Tolpuddle 2011: Around 10,000 people descended on the tiny Dorset village of Tolpuddle, near Dorchester, on Sunday for the annual festival to remember the 6 farm labourers who, in 1834, formed a union in an attempt to protect their falling wages. Photo report by Peter Arkell

Real Democracy ‘a global movement’: Young Spaniards living in London gather every evening and at weekends in front of their embassy to campaign for the Real Democracy Now movement.

Edinburgh solidarity with May 15th: More than 300 Spanish, Greek and Scottish people gathered outside St. Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh’s High Street to show solidarity with the May 15th movement. Photo report

Spain’s political crisis deepens: Historic defeats for the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) in regional and local elections have added to the country’s political crisis and made an early election likely.

Cruellest cuts of all: Actress Jane Asher denounced government spending cuts to services and benefits for disabled people as “completely balmy and particularly cruel” as she led a demonstration in Westminster yesterday.

Ai Weiwei present in spirit: The imprisoned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s strange animal heads had to stand in for the man himself at London’s Somerset House.

Candlelight vigil at Wandsworth Prison in support of Julian Assange

Students demos on 9 December: photos and videos

‘It’s about standing up for everyone’: Photo report of school and university students' demo 25 November 2010

Firefighters rally to denounce cuts

Science is vital demo: Scientists, who are not known for taking to the streets, rallied outside the Treasury on Saturday to protest against cuts in government research funding.

Protests and hunger strike against Border Agency: Penny Cole reports on a deportation protest in Glasgow organised by the National Union of Journalists.

Silence, speeches at Tomlinson protest: Around 200 protesters joined with the family of killed newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson outside the offices of the Department of Public Prosecutions on Southwark Bridge on Friday.

Hastings wokers fight victimisation: A fifth union officers has been sacked by the Child Support Agency in Hastings. Members of the PCS union have called a march and rally on 18 September.

United against education cuts: Pupils, teachers and parents came to Westminster yesterday to lobby MPs against cuts in public spending. 19 July 2010

Bad Apple: Chinese immigrants and Chinese-Americans in San Francisco have protested against the long hours and bad conditions at the Foxconn factory in southern China, where the Apple iPad is manufactured - 30 June 2010

Demonstrators stop Israeli ship from unloading in Oakland, CA - 20 June 2010

CWU strike Day 1 - 22 October 2009

Full support to postal workers! Down with New Labour! - 21 October 2009

Defend Peaceful Protest

Tamil hunger strike and march - 11 April 2009

Hands off Gaza demo in London - 3 January 2009

Offsets Under Kyoto: a dirty deal for the South + photos of climate change march - 6 December 2008

Dale Farm protest outside High Court - 4 December 2008

'Those in power do not care' - firefighters protest - 12 November 2008

United Families and Friends Campaign - 25 October 2008

Forest on the march as protestors denounce airport expansion - 17 September 2008

Call for International Day of Action Against Immigration Prisons - 22 September 2007

Russia: Dockworker leader stabbed and beaten - 11 June 2007

American and British unions back Iraqi oil workers' strike

Extreme police violence in Montpellier

Land rights demo

sack parliament demoNUJ condemns policing of sack parliament demo

Anti-War Assembly in Japan

Parliament Square People's picnic

Pictures from May Day 2006 London

Pictures from the climate change march 3 December 2005



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