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Socialist Future Review
the quarterly magazine of the
Movement for a Socialist Future

Spring 2005 edition
64pp £3.75 incl. postage

Contents include

  • The case for a 'velvet revolution' - ex-MI5 whistleblower David Shayler explains why he believes Britain is not a democratic state and makes the case for change
  • Breaching the limits of private property - the iconoclastic McKenzie Wark talks about his new book, Hacker Manifesto
  • A dynamic guide to the future - a review of A World to Win brings out the essence of this exciting new book
  • Battle lines drawn for WiFi - an American journalist explains how a digital community is confronting corporate power
  • The balance of financial terror - an analysis of the crisis of the dollar and its implications for the world economy
  • PPP - A licence to print money - research by accountants shows how New Labour has transferred capital to the corporations
  • Skirting round the question of the state - challenging global capital can only occur through the struggle to transform the state
  • Scientists and the state - a special correspondent looks at the uneasy relationship between scientific research and the state
  • Globalised spooking - Absolute Friends by John le Carré
  • Porcelain that changed the world - review of an exhibition of startling porcelain designs from revolutionary Russia
  • The Angry Man of Sculpture - Anthony Caro's retrospective at Tate Britain reviewed by our art critic
  • The quest for freedom in unified Germany - review of the German language film The Edukators

To get your copy send £3.75 (cheques payable to “MSF”) to:

Socialist Future
PO Box 942
London SW1V 2AR

Spring 2004 edition

Special edition on Globalisation and state power. 72pp £3.75 incl. postage

Contents include

Editorial - New Labour and the fight for power

The present period is marked by an ever-closer relationship between the capitalist state and the corporations. It is not as if New Labour hides this mission. Prime Minister Blair himself devoted a lengthy speech in the middle of the political crisis about spying on the UN to reforming the civil service. The administrative body is at the heart of the state machine, delivering what the government orders.

The state unmasked - an in depth study

In Britain, the state we live under is described as a "parliamentary democracy". But under the impact of corporate-led globalisation, the state and its political institutions have shed many of the democratic and representative features they once had in favour of a building a new "market state".

A short extract of this article can be read here.

A Better World

A response to George Monbiot

The making of a cybertariat

Corporate-led globalisation has irrevocably changed the lives and thoughts of today's global workforce. This has brought a potential for "the emergence of a common class consciousness among information-processing workers based in a common labour process, common employers and a common relation to capital", says a new study.

Althusser undermined by his anti-humanism

The publication in English of almost 300 pages of previously untranslated work is an important event which helps us to understand and evaluate Althusser's contribution to Marxist thought.

Beyond dogma - beyond despair and protest

A dogmatic adherence to theories developed in past periods of history can only contribute to a crisis within Marxism. This in turn easily leads to an underestimation of political possibilities.

Italy's undeclared civil war

Italy did not become a unified nation state until 1860, after a lengthy and bitter struggle. Its arrival coincided with the first great battles between capital and labour. The result is that the Italian state was from its very beginning a battleground for the war between the classes.

+ more on Latin America & TGWU.

To get your copy send £3.75 (cheques payable to “MSF”) to:
Socialist Future
PO Box 942
London SW1V 2AR

Vol. 10 No. 4
Special edition on the world after the invasion of Iraq. 80pp

Contents include

Editorial - Regime change begins at home

The invasion and occupation of Iraq by US and British armed forces, carried out despite the largest co-ordinated protest against war in history, is a definite turning point in the affairs of humanity, as the articles in this special issue of Socialist Future Review try to explain. It signals a new period of imperialist wars and social revolution, the outcome of which will decide the subsequent fate of the planet

Globalisation, the state and revolution

The pre-emptive attack on Iraq by the Anglo-American alliance resulted from a complex and contradictory process at the heart of which is the relentless drive to globalise the world economy on capitalist terms. The tremendous changes this process has created, both economically and politically, is recognised by non-socialists like Philip Bobbitt often more clearly than those who reject capitalist-led globalisation.

The use and abuse of the United Nations

The United Nations has no other option than to accept the dominant role of American imperialism as the main upholder of the economic and political stability of global capital. This was what prompted the strategists of the Bush administration to calculate that any UN opposition to war with Iraq would be temporary and shallow.

The quest for an Islamic enlightenment

Ziauddin Sardar’s overarching project is to transform Islam and the west both from within and without. Sardar argues for a form of Islam and a balance of civilisations which could lead to an alternative future to that being offered by today’s leaders of the major states. The question is, however, does his critique provide a truly in-depth examination of the dogmas he is challenging?

The ‘Big Lie’ machine devouring America

The logic of the "Big Lie" is that people will accept a lie as truth if it is big enough and is told often enough by authoritative sources. The Bush regime is manipulating the US population into an epoch of imperialist war. By Professor Peter McLaren, at the University of California, with Greg Martin.

Policing the world for the corporations

The Project for a New American Century sets out to uphold American imperialist political supremacy as the global cop of global capital.

Leadership and the anti-war movement

The American and UK governments were determined to carry on with their aggressive political approach, regardless of the level of protests generated against it. This created a real challenge for the anti-war movement and all those in struggle against the Bush-Blair axis.

The Road Map to hell and back

The two-state solution put forward in the US-proposed "Road Map" has no future. The Israeli state is no longer viable, either economically or politically, while the Palestinians do not even have a state to call their own. The way forward must lie in a radically different approach, based on an appeal to both Jews and Palestinians to develop a common way forward within a single state.

Kurds wait on favours from America

Some recent commentators, both Kurds and non-Kurds, have claimed that the recent war waged against Iraq will have positive benefits for the Kurdish people. If this is so, it would be the first time in the history that the Kurds have gained anything from a foreign power. Their struggle has been and will continue to be one of disappointment and betrayal by imperialism.

Vol. 10 No. 3

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