Blair's Legacy

By Alain English

Our government is going down
All is lost for Gordon Brown

This bloodshed, chaos and despair
Left behind by Tony Blair

Blair rode to power promising much
His charismatic style was such

That we believed in what he said
And gladly followed where he led

Alas his promises proved hollow
Disillusion was to follow

With Lord Levy he quickly set
To drive his party into debt

But Blair had worse for us in store
When he engaged in total war

There was no reason to attack
The innocent people of Iraq

Tony made a foolish error
Joining in the war on terror

Ambition ruled his mind and soon
He danced to President Bush's tune

"Saddam Hussein" Bush said "has weapons"
"We must stop him - history beckons!"

What about Robert Mugabe,
Lifelong rule of Zimbabwe?

Far worse than Saddam no doubt
But we're not trying to get him out

As Bush was only after oil
That lay beneath Iraqi soil

Blair had to know all this was wrong
But all the same he played along

He dragged us through the mud and so
Our dear old Tony had to go

To take his place up Gordon stood
And since then things have not been good

For Gordon has to our frustration
Placed himself above his station

But there's a reason why he's there
The reason's this - he is not Blair

Dave Cameron of the Tories blue
Is simply Tony Blair Mark II

And now our country's going to hell
Will we survive it - who can tell?

And as for Tony Blair his lies
Will haunt him till the day he dies

The rivers of Iraq run red
With the blood of thousands dead

I hope that Tony in his sleep
Will see Iraq's survivor's weep

And then awaken from his dream
All covered up in blood - and scream

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