When We Build Something New
by Thomas Daniell

Capitalism – is for road construction
Capitalism – is the mode of production
Capitalism – is economic growth based
Capitalism – is for everyone’s toothpaste
Capitalism – is a worldwide system of trade 
Capitalism – is so that the poor can receive aid
Capitalism – is the profit motivation
Capitalism – is the competition of nations
Capitalism – works when the people don’t care
Capitalism – is the fight for material welfare
Capitalism – measures wellbeing with a number called the GDP
Capitalism – is scaled up for empire, and not community
Capitalism – wraps and packs and stacks everything that we buy
Capitalism – just wants to sell more stuff and for people to comply
Capitalism – is founded on the right to private property
Capitalism – is a game that people play like the lottery
Capitalism – throughout expanding urban places
Capitalism – forces nature into ever shrinking spaces
Capitalism – is the chemicals in our medicine, and the make up on your face
And Capitalism is the pollution, that you can see from space.

C A P I T A L I S M – from the worlds first industrial train track
Right through to this day trying to sell you a Big Mac.

                               IT’S THE  –
Globalised culture of maximum harm
The slaughterhouse walls and the factory farm
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
The real reason the War on Terror began
The taxes that pay for the gold hands of Big Ben    
The guiding of missiles and misguided men 
The mountain of landfill that you try to ignore
The void in your life that makes you want more
The making of things for planned obsolescence
Competition that damages in social logic and essence
Suffering that doesn't stop in far away sweatshops
Global food shortage making money from GM crops
The plight of most people for a privileged few
Media that tells us what's not and what's true
System controlled by machine politicians
Hopelessness of the postmodern condition
Endless extraction from the Periodic Table
The paint cans that say harmful to life on the label

All for money, success and glamour and fame
The self–destruct mechanism in the human brain
The invasion of adverts that steal your desire
Fake hierarchy of needs in a lost empire

Fundamentally dependent, on using endless amounts of oil
Destroying entire ecosystems from atmosphere to soil

It's gold spill and green wash, sea blackened sadness
Repeated pattern of humanity's collective madness

It’s to be a slave in life, just to pay the rent and bills
And it’s to medicate your self, by taking happy pills

And its effects can only make worse the global floods and drought
When by nature it can’t continue, because the WORLD is RUNNING OUT!

It’s council tax and interest rates
And mono–sodium glutamate …
Capitalism – is to live fast not slow
Capitalism  – is the status quo
 Capitalism – every working day
Capitalism – is all work no play
Capitalism  – is to take it, break and spend it
Capitalism – throw it away don’t mend it
Capitalism – save up lose your pension
Capitalism – wasteful old invention
Capitalism – it's PVC
Capitalism – its ME ME ME!
Capitalism – it's political rhetoric
Capitalism – that car’s not electric
Capitalism – apples from New Zealand
Capitalism – is what’s melting Greenland.
Capitalism – it’s just Tesco and Wal–Mart
Capitalism – the consumption pie chart.
Capitalism – it’s just the way that things are
Capitalism – is a stolen fast car…

Capitalism is to reduce life, to a number that it’s worth
And Capitalism is a machine, that divides to conquer Earth
Capitalism is a hall of mirrors between the slaves and masters
And Capitalism is engineered now, to profit from disasters.

Capitalism is a monopoly, that exists through the making of MORE DEBT
And Capitalism is the incentive, to wipe the ocean clean with trawl nets…
Capitalism is blind and broken, like a closed religious view
And Capitalism will be succeeded, when we build SOMETHING NEW.

C A P I T A L I S M – It’s the exploitation of life for profit
And united the people of this world will stop it
Because Capitalism – is inevitable heat death
And now Capitalism must take its last breath …
We’ll rise up as one SPECIES, with a global vendetta

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