In Our Futures Past

We are standing at the crossroads in our futures past,
The route for our survival is a monumental task

In a system where one planet will never be enough,
We are destroying nature’s beauty with lots of plastic stuff.

What’s needed is for people in their millions to come together and unite, to stand up for their future and make collective dreams ignite.

Our planet is full of wonder and we’re letting it slip away,
Of this world’s freedom and diversity I never want to say…

That we gave up all our rights, but we’ve still got our TV’s,
We swapped some basic freedoms for high securities

Now the flowers have all gone, there’s no honey, no more bees,
But there are seven billion people, chopping down the trees

Because we never raised the power to just provide for human need
Destroyed by a global order that motivated greed

The art form of taking more than you gave,
To profit from other human graves

To manufacture cheaply to rip people off,
To let poor people starve and rich people scoff.

To justify some lives where nothing changed except the cost,
Blaming human nature, for our children’s future being lost.

Facing mass extinction, we have to change to get along,
Knowing that the word Universe literally means one song.

We’re not going to be destroyed by military forces,
It’s not all going to end in the waste of our resources

Civilizations are developed by the people’s direct action,
To change a culture that feeds on your dissatisfaction

We’ll take responsibility for our own existence,
We’ll make a rainbow army of global mass resistance

Empower every person to create a world without scarcity,
Making wastelands into gardens that celebrate diversity

The growth of a species, the end of fossil fuels,
The transformation of a world where people share their tools

To say that – working together for every improvement,
a grassroots climate action movement...

Replaced the poverty and waste of old economics,
And reshaped the world like plate tectonics

Waving triumphant goodbye to the financial elite,
When free market capitalism is made obsolete

We’ll reinvent every city so that it can be sustained
Grow food and make energy and build efficient trains

And we’ll transcend the separation that used to be today,
Living the transition from all our yesterdays

From war torn and divided, nationalist and apart, profit driven,
destructive and controlled…

To a borderless, moneyless, one world community,
Cooperative, peaceful balanced and free.

By Thomas Daniell

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