Some proposals for community living

By Laurence Keeley

Regarding the present situation with developers not proceeding with their plans to develop housing sites, one answer would be to transfer the land to the local council with government assistance. Each district could create a Land Community Trust whereby the developers would be employed by the Trust to build houses for the needs of the people. For example, in the district of East Sussex, there are 2000 people on the waiting list. Houses could be built for £75,000. The occupants would purchase at cost, plus pay a ground rent to the Trust. The occupants could only sell the houses back to the Trust. They would be paid the current cost of building such a house. This system would do away with the need of creating a so-called ladder.

(Top and bottom picture)
These two designs could be used for older living
facilities and include community garden etc.

The middle design could have a green garden on each tier.

Money on deposit from council house sales could be used for the project and the capital designated by the government for affordable housing could also be used for the scheme. I enclose some advantages and designs in the attached document.

Such housing projects would create a community/eco friendly environment. This new kind of affordable housing would could provide the following advantages:

1) a cheaper housing system would mean those with a high level of debt (estimated 15 million people) could sell their property and buy at a lower rate giving them some spare capital.

2) a possibility of a lower divorce rate because couples have no money left after paying the monthly mortgage.

3) people could save for retirement easier, because the house could be paid for earlier.

4) a four day working week for the over 50s and a 3 day week for the over 60s, not work to the age of 70.

5) affordable rest homes could be more available. Save state benefits.

6) save heating, with solar panels (a smaller number of outside walls to save heat)

7) work places on site and saving carbon dioxide

8) collection and recycling facilities

9) lowest community charge

10) low agents fee

11) affordable industrial units could be included.

12) mothers wouldn't have to go to work full time

13) have more money to buy consumer goods

14) would be spaced to create community gardens.

The pictures above show some possible designs for community development. This could also apply in rural areas. I would appreciate any comments.

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