By Donald James Dolby

Don’t be afraid if you’ve nothing to hide
Nothing to fear if you’re on the right side
Don’t tell me that my protest is wrong
Nothing to fear if I sing the right song.

Unfurl your banner, just don’t do it here
Nothing to hide – you’ve got nothing to fear
Raise your voice, you have freedom to speak
Not if your words defend the poor and the weak
March to the door of democracy’s pride
Nothing to fear if you’ve nothing to hide.

Grow a long beard, speak Irish for sure
Have a dark skin, wear a turban or more
But you’ve nothing to fear
If you’ve nothing to hide

Defend your rights but you know the score
Stray just too close and you are pinned to the floor
Innocent, you claim, prove it, they say
All of your rights they have taken away

Battles were fought by our forebears with pride
Freedoms have gone but we have nothing to hide
Our government’s shame with no sign of a tear
The terrorist’s gain of all we hold dear
But if you’ve nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

June 2006

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