The Story of Palestine

By Alain English

Palestine and Israel
Two nations on one land

Angry flames of hatred
Has the situation fanned

The tale begins with Zionism
A movement of the Jews

A divine right to Palestine
Foremost among their views

And after World War One
With British military powers

They strode upon to Palestine
And said "This land is ours"

And as the years wore on and on
More and more arrived

The native Arab population
Saw themselves deprived

Fighting soon broke out between
The warring sides and then

The British handed Palestine
Across to the UN

The UN saw the Arab people
Even more frustrated

When in 1948
The state of Israel was created

The outrage of this occupation
Palestinians bore

While surrounding angry Arab nations
Faced Israel in war

But Israel in the end prevailed
And carried on their rout

Erecting barriers everywhere
And fencing Arabs out

Jewish settlements were built
And Arab homes demolished

The right to live within their land
Was brutally abolished

Palestinian refugees
Left without a home

And in the sweltering heat
Across their former land they roam

Some Israelites are happy
Think that nothing is amiss

While others say "This is not right"
"We want no part of this"

Some Palestinians try to find
A peaceful resolution

While others find themselves embroiled
In violence and corruption

The UN, US, UK and Russia
A Quartet of negotiators

Step between the warring sides
As peaceful arbitrators

But America, a Christian country
Endeavours not to fail

In seeing that a resolution
Favours only Israel

For the Christians and the Zionists
Together share a common story

Where Israel is the land of God
And blessed with all his glory

America supplies Israel
With weapons and artillery

And with this, Israel has amassed
A strong and powerful military

And no matter what the native
Palestinians have to say

With greater military power
Israel gets it's way

The Israel government must see sense
Things must reach a bend

To bring this cruel occupation
To a peaceful end

The only way to halt this
Bitter, unjust situation

Is to give the Arabs back their land
Make Palestine a nation

The pressure's all on Israel now
The truth's a deadly weapon

Be it sooner, be it later
They'll see what has to happen

The settlements will disappear
Before your very eyes

The barriers will be brought down
Palestine will rise!

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