All change!

Time to end the “viewing and stewing”, says David Payne.

State complacency veers from staggering to swaggering as political parties toy with deceitful expressions of concern about the “pain” to follow, as if we have been mysteriously as yet, relieved of such privation.

In fact, no amount of fiscal tinkering will impact in a way to compare with the violence already inflicted on those miserable millions who have suffered anything from enforced wage-reduction to eviction from their homes, a disgusting assault that deserves physical rioting to mirror the scale of its offence.

My own situation cannot be uncommon, my future laid to waste by degenerate bank manoeuvres over funding, an act of breath-taking, assumed impunity. I have on my left a son who a year ago was offered an option to take a 10% cut in salary or “walk”, on my right a daughter whose proposition involved a permanent 4-day week, that's a 20% loss.

Then there’s an immediate friend whose (local government) employers at their whim, sub-contracted his entire division to a plc who promptly announced that salaries across the board and without notice, were to fall by 25%.

The very notion of “pain to come” is a propagandistic sleight, at once a scheme to divert attention from the extent of present-suffering and then soften the blow of impending punishment with the early hint at hardship, knowingly weakened through repetition.

We perform well in this country, with our effusions of discontent, from the pub to the papers and there’s the end to it; this melancholic muttering is the stuff of sad poets and so the state has us where it would, obediently queuing as we are educated to do, trained to sing or pen, pale-verse ‘til the balm of drunken slumber serves us to another futile day.

At our strident best, shaped and shackled by establishment influence since childhood, the stretch of objection as far as a street-march is still an orderly and modest affair (or else!), dissident intent enfeebled and ultimately, menaced. Resigned to our lot, the state is never (as yet) less than in control.

It was said that if voting ever made a difference, it would be banned and as one whose written-bids are voluminous, communicative, targeted and tireless, I cannot see how anything short of direct en-mass action will make a difference.

Two million of us took (peacefully) to the streets of London in 2003 to express our visceral contempt and were patronised (and ignored) by a dark government run as some private members’ club, where the lie was given to its claim to “accountability”, by the day.

Time to hit the streets again, with real intent empowered by the Internet, that labyrinth of avenues down which a populace of penetrating eyes now glaring, shoos the doves of knowledge to deny the state its instrument of worst oppression, secrecy.

From the bus of obedience where still too many view and stew, let’s hear it, together now, “ALL CHANGE”.

16 March 2010

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