Casual killing

By Jonathan Murray-Lacey

Sweep; a movement to curve up the eye.


Sweep the horizon in gesture and limb.
Sky clouds in upon tenements or flats plagued
With life, as crushed in day on day.
Sweeps life away –.


Kind thoughts broke upon the rock:
Time in an atom – time forgot:
Waves sweep and crash,
Rock my mind slowly – even in death:
Our death, one thing we will forget.


With words: – the belly is ripped out:
Ghosts tread and tenderness recalls
Their pain, and in me holds a sway:
As in anguish – others suffered more slowly;
Passed casually away.


Salt sea waves upon the shore – and boulders ground by sand;
Shingle laugh and penitent bodies round about;
Land to desert – or snow drift of feet trudged
In mud ~ waves that cold does hold ~ we shiver
At the cold in hair,
We slither in the sludge.


Outside the feet march on;
Inside the role of the drum.
My head filled with days of ~~
Passing myself on parade ---
Sweep – to carve an angle in the sky
Horizons sweep on by.
The rock sprayed the salt sea – in
My youthful eyes – swept and crushed
Swept and swayed.
In fingers, the sound – and sight
Of white on black.
In flats, and rows of passing doors;
As children raised to be much more,
Stretch for those of their own – and bury
Those so young –
Passing casually away.


Locked in a time warp
In a head-lock
Brave Brave infidel – held me and this young girl –
In our ~ backed against the wall –
In our ~ kept so long in a cell –
In our ~ here we are now – did not leave
Here we are now – did not leave.


In a time warp –
Here we are caught;
By any means – as long as we,
Weep the tears we are – slipped on to –
On-to the rocks below – we are the splash
We recreate – where one drop – now many more.


In a time warp;
We create – revigorate – spread out
Mental arms – fingers grasp at our own reflection
Mirrored on minds’ walls – which catch the semblance
Of reflect – separate itself in the head – And
Run away
Pass casually away –


Stampede the bison;
Learn a lesson:
White chalk squeaks across my soul
Remembrance of such quick wit
As left us all forgotten – in our replenished
Pit – schools where we learnt – Bottles of petrol burnt –
Bullets fired – in


Casual killing

Casual killing

Casual killing


The dead – head burst
Face out;
Baby in a cot –
Nurse Allit slipped through the net
And dropped the lot;
Casual killing.
Shipman –
Such determined sweep of life away
Let the asylums out to play.


Casual killing

Casual killing

Casual killing.


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