Corruption, contempt and apologies  

Ray Rising comments on the political crisis sweeping Westminster over MPs’ expenses claims.

It’s not only those Parliamentarians that are on the “take” that hold the populace in contempt.

Is it not the epitome of hypocrisy when over the past few months MPs sat to question bankers on so-called “mistakes” that preceded revelations of their own “mistakes”? Apologies all round. See you in the Members’ bar later, old chap.

Fred Goodwin and his ilk sharpened their skills on steel from the knife-block in the thieves’ kitchen that is Westminster. He shredded jobs whilst the lawmakers packaged the cuts for the once great “supermarket” that is simply corporate, big business capitalism in crisis. This is a metaphor of modern life and death.

The question now is - what deserves to die that society can live and breathe? We cannot don a puritanical cloak a la Oliver Cromwell against the modern system of thievery.

Make no mistake, unelected judges, generals, chief constables and newspaper chiefs are today on the golf course scheming about scenarios on possible/eventual social conflict. So we come to the question that follows logically from justified criticism. Where do we go from here?

There is unquestionably amongst the populace disbelief in parliamentary democracy shown in plummeting voting turnouts. Only by forming organs of working-class control outside the confines of the capitalist state can we establish an alternative to this present road to ruination.

These are rough and rocky times and liberals of all parties will undoubtedly berate those that suggest anything other than the oldest democracy. Hey, the oldest have to pass away sometime when they serve nothing more than outdated state machinations.

There is no trust to be given to either left, centre or right-wing defenders of bourgeois democracy. Modern day workers have nowhere to take a charter of demands like their forefathers did. Society’s ruled and rulers hold one another in contempt for obvious reasons.

Legality was not on the side of Cromwell’s New Model Army but history and the population were. The Commonwealth was invoked by “men”, Cromwell said,     “that know what they fight for and love what they know”.  

When all that Parliament serves to do is the self-perpetuation of governance by cynical, disoriented, lying representatives, then the only course for society is to organise in opposition to Parliament itself. Those Houses of Parliament cannot be reformed.

14 May 2009

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