End the market in housing land

There is an urgent need to start a campaign to protect our open space and have a new way of housing the people, says Laurence Keeley

We should stop developers turning up and saying we want to build here, you try and stop us!

Family breakdown is often caused by money problems, resulting in depression leading to mental health issues. Loneliness and isolation can be the beginning of dementia.

One answer would be to scrap the market system for housing where the higher rate becomes the going rate.

It is immoral that land can go from £5,000 to £500,000 per acre when someone gets planning permission to build houses. Then the eventual house purchaser borrows that money and spends most of their life paying it off.

People should be invited to say where new homes should be built. A land community trust would be formed to oversee the project. It would offer the landowners £1,000 an acre as annual rent for the land.

The trust would invite a builder to construct the homes for the cost of doing the job. This would bring homes for the people down to about £85,000 each. Although they could be bought at this price, owners could only sell them back to the trust. Renting would cost about £350 per month.

We should build houses on steel frames off ground and use wooden cladding and wool for insulation. We should stop dredging the sea beds for shingle for building.  

Designs are needed to allow open space for walks, allotments, sports facilities, and general well-being; in some cases a community farm could be formed. There is a need to have older people’s accommodation developed to free up homes that have single occupancy.

We also need to finds ways of redirecting housing benefit away from private landlords into building more affordable homes and reducing market rents so that they are affordable.
The community trust model would benefit the three million people who are on the waiting list. Building new homes would create employment.
There is a campaign going on at the moment to get a housing debate in Parliament may I invite you to support this by signing on line at

3 September 2012

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