There's a climate for change

There's a Climate
for Change

A World to Win's eco-crisis conference in October 2005:

on the eco-crisis



Extreme energy & the democratic deficit – 
how we can stop capitalism fracking the world

Webinar held on 3 July 2014: part of Our future beyond capitalism – a people's inquiry

The eco-crisis: sources and solutions

Part of the Communicating the Revolution training weekend – July 2013.

The planet is drowning in waste
The planet is being overwhelmed by waste of all kinds, from plastic bags to throwaway digital devices. Even remote areas such as Alaskan beaches, often refuges for rare species, are increasingly blighted by tonnes of indestructible objects and harmful and unsightly refuse.

Save capitalism and ditch the planet or save the planet and ditch capitalism: The third World Climate Summit in Doha, Qatar, takes place at a time when planet earth is facing a double whammy: an environmental meltdown and an economic crisis.  Is this a mere coincidence or are the two crises connected?  By Fawzi Ibrahim

Composting Capitalism presentation by Penny Cole

World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, Bolivia

Humanity's dilemma

"Humanity confronts a great dilemma: to continue on the path of capitalism, depredation, and death, or to choose the path of harmony with nature and respect for life." From the People's Agreement adopted by the conference on climate change in Bolivia.

Transforming human/nature relations –
lessons from the past and the present

A contribution to the discussion in the UK about the Structural Causes of Climate Change and Mother Earth at the Cochabamba World Peoples Conference

"Planet or Death!" - Bolivian President Evo Morales' speech at World People's Conference on Climate Change

The urgency felt by Morales and the more than 15,000 people from 150 nations attending the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (CMPCC) was evident from the first sentences uttered by the host and convener of this unprecedented gathering in Tiquipaya, a small town just north of Cochabamba, home of the historic “water war” that helped sweep Morales into power. New America Media report.

Structural causes of climate change

A World to Win’s contribution to the discussion for the Cochabamba Conference 19-22 April.

End the market in housing land: There is an urgent need to start a campaign to protect our open space and have a new way of housing the people, says Laurence Keeley.

Housing worries make people sick – Why should young people spend most of their lives paying a mortgage or high rent just to keep the money people happy? Lawrence Keeley wants to know.

Jobs and climate change - the big issues
Dave Douglass looks at the larger issues in developing an integrated and ecological energy policy that is not at the expense of workers’ jobs. 25/08/2009

Council flats for the future or tourist oddity? Hundertwasser Haus: eco-friendly and built for individuals. Dylan Strain reports. 25/04/2009

Radical new agenda needed to achieve climate justice

Market ideology has totally infiltrated the climate talks, and UN negotiations are now like trade fairs hawking investment opportunities, says Climate Justice Now! in a statement on the talks which have just ended in Poznan. 15/12/2008

Running a TemperatureRunning a Temperature – an action plan for the eco-crisis

AWTW action plan to halt climate chaos

Some proposals for community living by Laurence Keeley

Pictures from the Heathrow Climate Camp 2007

Pure propaganda – The Great Global Warming Swindle – a MediaLens report

For a fistful of dollars – Alberto Arzoz examines how tribal leaders have succumbed to the temptation of a quick buck – and to the desecration of their land overlooking the Grand Canyon.

The denial industry
The oil giant ExxonMobil gives money to scores of organisations that claim the science on global warming is inconclusive - which it isn't. It's a strategy that has set back action on climate change by a decade, and it involves the same people who insist that passive smoking is harmless, reveals George Monbiot in this extract from his new book Heat

Biofuels and  biodevastation - Europe’s thirst for biofuels is fuelling deforestation and food price rises, exacerbated by a false accounting system that awards carbon credits to the carbon profligate nations, says a new report by Dr Mae-Wan Ho published by the Institute for Science in Society.

Greenhouse effectFrequently Asked Questions about Global Warming
prepared by the Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate change threatens Pacific Ocean mangroves

Our Changing Climate: Assessing the Risks to California

‘Evidence-based’ research? Anti-environmental organisations and the corporations that fund them – a special report by Corporate Watch

Stark warning over climate change

CO2 'highest for 650,000 years'

10 steps to smugness – a well-reasoned letter that exposes the inadequacies of promoting personal lifestyle initiatives to resolving the climate crisis

Capitalism and the eco-crisisCapitalism and the eco-crisis
a rough guide (sold out)


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