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Global economy

Capitalism in crisis - presentation by Gerry Gold

Transforming human/nature relations – lessons from the past and the present:
A contribution to the discussion in the UK about the Structural Causes of Climate Change and Mother Earth at the Cochabamba World Peoples Conference

People's World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth: Structural Causes of Climate Change - A World to Win’s contribution to the discussion for the Cochabamba Conference 19-22 April

It’s not the 30s all over again – it’s far worse: Fawzi Ibrahim argues that the present crisis demonstrates that global capitalism has for the first time reached the “critical zone” – the point of “capital deficiency”.

The Credit Crunch explainer

Missile shield plans fuel a new Cold War

Globalisation and its consequences - Presentation by Gerry Gold given at the AWTW discussion weekend of 1-2 September 2007

Capital Volume 1 Section 1 - the commodity
Presentation by Gerry Gold

The commodity and value - understanding Marx's Capital - Part II
2nd presentation by Gerry Gold

No to NikeThe promise to the world’s poor is being broken
UN Human Development Report 2005

Public Citizen's pocket trade lawyer: the alphabet soup of globalization
by Global Trade Watch

Trading away our rights
an Oxfam report on how globalisation has affected women workers

Concentration in corporate power, 2005 - an ETC Group report

The constant threat from GATS - a report by the Polaris Institute, Canada

Africa is being cheated by the West



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