Barbara Carter Taylor

An inspirational teacher, principled socialist, loyal friend and comrade – tributes from her family and A World to Win.

Roy Bhaskar

Roy Bhaskar’s passing robs the world of a great philosophical spirit and enlightened campaigner for human emancipation.

Malcolm Gerreyn

A World to Win mourns the loss of our comrade Malcolm Gerreyn. Malcolm was a principled Marxist political thinker and activist for all of his long adult life.

Mike Banda

Obituary of Mike Banda, general secretary of the Workers Revolutionary Party from 1978 to 1985.

The unfinished business of the miners’ strike for jobs

Thirty years ago this month, tens of thousands of miners went on strike in defence of their jobs and communities. To mark this historic strike, we are publishing the introduction to Unfinished Business by Peter Arkell and Ray Rising, who were photographers during the strike, together with some of their amazing photos.

Banners line the route at Bob Crow funeral

Thousands of people with their trade union banners and flags turned out for the funeral of Bob Crow. Photo report by Peter Arkell.

Bob Crow: Loved by his members – hated by his enemies

Tribute to Bob Crow by Peter Arkell and Dylan Strain.

In memory of Gerry Healy

Today [3 December 2013] marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of revolutionary Marxist and political leader Gerry Healy.

Leveller leader celebrated in Wapping

A two-volley salute commemorated the life of Thomas Rainsborough, in a modest but moving ceremony in London's Wapping at the weekend. Photos and report by Peter Arkell

Vic Turner, 1927 – 2012

Vic Turner, one of the Pentonville 5 dockers jailed under the Tory government of Edward Heath in 1972, who died recently, takes his place in history as one of the heroes of the labour movement.

David Finch, 1920 – 2012

David Finch, who joined the revolutionary movement in the 1930s, has died in London. His 75 years of political life are described by Ted Knight, the former leader of Lambeth Council who was a lifelong friend and comrade.

No going backwards to the future in Russia

Interview with Professor Evgeny Pashentsev of Moscow state university

Corin Redgrave

The noted actor Corin Redgrave, who died on 6 April 2010, made a major contribution to revolutionary politics in Britain from the early 1970s to the late 1980s.

Chris Harman, key leader of the Socialist Workers Party

Chris Harman, one of the main leaders of the British Socialist Workers Party, has died aged 66. Harman was a populariser and propagandist of the SWP’s ideas through several books and many articles. Phil Sharpe estimates his political contribution.

Harry Patch – the war hero who condemned war

Harry Patch, who has died aged 111, was not the kind of war hero that politicians and the tabloid press feel comfortable with. Peter Arkell reports.

Jack Jones

Transport workers’ leader who wielded immense power dies at 96. By Peter Arkell

Lives and times of building workers

Former steel fixer Ray Rising describes some experiences made by construction workers both in Britain and in continental Europe during the 1970s and 1980s.

The Prague Spring - beginning of the end for Stalinism

40 years ago this week, the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia to put down the "Prague Spring" and arrest its leaders. Corinna Lotz examines the background to the events that foreshadowed the end of the Stalinist monolith in Eastern Europe.

Marie Gislaine Leste

A World to Win mourns the loss of our comrade Marie Gislaine Leste. She was a valiant fighter for a revolutionary change in society during all the years that we knew her.

The Soviet Union in Historical Perspective

Terry Button has written an extensive article covering: The Collapse of the Soviet Union; War and Revolution; The Soviet Union is Born; The Second World War; Post War Reconstruction; The Soviet Union After Stalin; The “Cold War” Years; Revolution and Counter-Revolution; After the Soviet Union – What Now?

Learning from history

Corinna Lotz reviews the life of Pierre Lambert, a leader in the French workers’ movement, who died recently in Paris.

Jules de Goede – making the impossible seem possible

Painter and sculptor Jules de Goede died after a courageous battle against cancer. He was one of the most outstanding artists on the London scene from the mid 1960s. Not only was he totally dedicated to his calling as an artist but he also had the principles and inner resources to oppose today’s capitalist society and work for a more advanced form of social existence.

‘Arise ye Workers’

In 1972, five dockers were sent to prison for defying anti-union laws. Peter Arkell looks at the lessons to be learned from a period of unprecedented trade union militancy in Britain

Hungary 1956 - 50th anniversary special

A World to Win is proud to commemorate the revolutionary heroism of Hungarian workers and students by publishing a specially written article by website editor Paul Feldman about the events that shook the world in 1956. In addition, we are reproducing contemporary analysis and links to photographs, films and reporting.

Hungary’s October revolution
– Fifty years ago this month, Hungarian workers, students and intellectuals, supported by sections of the army and police, rose in heroic armed revolution against the country’s Moscow-sponsored Stalinist regime.

Revolution and counter-revolution in Hungary – this pamphlet was first published in November 1956. It was written by Gerry Healy, who was the most prominent post-war leader of the Trotskyist movement in Britain. The Trotskyists campaigned against the lies and crimes of Stalinism from a revolutionary socialist point of view. When the Hungarian Revolution erupted, the pamphlet’s exposé of Stalinism played a significant role in deepening the crisis inside the British Communist Party. Many leading CP members broke with Stalinism and went over to the Trotskyists during this period.

Hungary 1956 – 50th anniversary of a people’s revolution
Presentation by Paul Feldman at A rough guide to the future on 21 October, exploring its meaning for today.

Hungary 1956: Resolutions and statements

The Institute for the Study of the Hungarian Revolution (Hungarian site in English)

American Hungarian Federation (includes photos and film)

BBC On This Day (reports and film)

Hungarian Tragedy by Peter Fryer

Library of Congress links portal

Khrushchev’s Secret Speech

1903 - Deciding history’s future

The significance of the Communist Manifesto

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