‘The promise to the world’s poor is being broken’

UN Human Development Report 2005

At the start of the new millennium, the world’s governments  signed the Millennium Declaration — a solemn pledge “to free our fellow men, women and children from the abject and dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty”. The declaration was backed by clear time-bound targets. These targets—the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) —include halving extreme poverty, cutting child deaths, providing all of the world’s children with an education, rolling back infectious disease and forging a new global partnership to deliver results. The deadline for delivery is 2015. But the UN Development Report 2005 says: “Most countries are off track for most of the MDGs. Human development is faltering in some key areas, and already deep inequalities are widening. Various diplomatic formulations and polite terminology can be found to describe the divergence between progress on human development and the ambition set out in the Millennium Declaration. None of them should be allowed to obscure a simple truth: the promise to the world’s poor is being broken.”

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