Evald Ilyenkov

Contradictions within the Ideal, mediation and transformation in global capitalist society

Presentation for the symposium Evald Ilyenkov – Prospects and Retrospects in Philosophy and Psychology, April 2014

When Moscow viewed creative Marxism as heresy

The tormented and tortuous publication history of Dialectics of the Ideal by Soviet philosopher Evald Vasilyevich Ilyenkov brings to mind the sagas of other great underground Soviet era classics such as those by Boris Pasternak and Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

The ‘heretic’ philosopher who challenged Stalinism

Evald Ilyenkov was an important Soviet philosopher who came into conflict with the Stalinist authorities. He developed the ideas of the 17th century philosopher Benedict Spinoza as a way of opposing and exposing the conversion of Marxism into dogma. A World to Win participated in an international conference in Helsinki, presenting a paper on the contemporary significance of both Ilyenkov and Spinoza.

Evald Ilyenkov: Dialectical Logic

Dialectical Logic, Essays on its History and Theory

A philosopher under suspicion

Profile of Ilyenkov's life by philosophy scholar Sergei Mareyev


Putin’s ultra-nationalism and the sinister forces behind Eurasianism: A country’s history is strapped to its back in so many ways, making apparently surprise reappearances from time to time. Take Russia. Moscow’s determination to crush Ukrainian aspirations for democracy is fashioned by the weight of both Czarism and Stalinism, as well as a neo-nationalism. Read our analysis of the role played by Aleksandr Dugin, an admirer of the Nazi SS, in developing the theory of Eurasianism that now grips the Kremlin’s policy makers.

People’s Assembly recall sets out aims: About 500 delegates from 100 local groups of the People’s Assembly Against Austerity (PAAA) attended a national conference in Central London last week-end and adopted a series of resolutions covering aims and future actions. Peter Arkell reports

Can corporations co-exist with democracy? – A talk given by Rebecca Fisher of Corporate Watch to the launch event of Democracy Café.

The role of ideas and philosophy – presentation by Corinna Lotz

Beyond ResistanceBeyond Resistance - the film

Taming of the crowd – A nostalgic view of the crowd in US politics stops short of the present and lacks revolutionary perspective, says Phil Sharpe, in his review of the American radical tradition.

The illusion of a New Deal for today – In the first of two articles about the American radical tradition, Phil Sharpe differs with Nancy Rose’s assessment of US government relief projects in the 1930s. He argues that the American working class cannot rely on a renewal of the New  Deal to introduce anti-capitalist policies.

The culture of “broken Britain” – What’s the connection between child abuse and artistic censorship? Judith White assesses the British experience.

Teenagers turned on to MTV

Democracy revolt inside the Socialist Workers Party – Phil Sharpe examines the implications of the struggle for democracy now raging inside the Socialist Workers Party, and the emergence of three groupings inside the organisation’s leadership.

What works doesn’t work any more – Ray Rising looks at the philosophy of pragmatism that underlies the outlook of President Obama and the American ruling class.

A vision for libraries – Fiona Harrington reflects on what is seen as the desperate state of our libraries.

The politics of the split in Respect – Phil Sharpe analyses how Respect has divided into supporters of the Socialist Workers Party and MP George Galloway

The dialectics of revolution – Phil Sharpe shows how Marx reconstructed Hegel

Materialist dialectics as the key to changing the world – a presentation given by Corinna Lotz to an AWTW discussion weekend 1-2 September 2007

Karl Marx on Commodities – extracts for Capital Volume 1

God's last stand: Matter, God and the New Physics – review essay by Corinna Lotz and Gerry Gold of the popular books of cosmologist Paul Davies

Bukharin’s philosophical debate with the future

Dialectical Materialism as a Practical Method – a three part article by Terry Button based on the practical dialectical materialist method as taught by Gerry Healy

Gerry Healy's Projection of the Path of Cognition

Contradiction, reflection and cognition: three articles on philosophy by Gerry Healy

The role of concepts in cognition by Gerry Healy

Understanding contradictions in reality by Phil Sharpe

Callinicos glosses over the history of Marxism by Phil Sharpe

The theory and practice of the Socialist Workers Party – a critical assessment by Phil Sharpe

The SWP – a history of left reformism by Phil Sharpe

Philosophy and revolution go hand in hand – Phil Walden reviews Che Guevara, Paolo Freire and the pedagogy of revolution by Peter McLaren

A theory for revolutionary change – Phil Walden challenges the prejudices of post-modernism

Developing realistic philosophy: from critical realism to materialist dialectics by Andrew Brown, University of Leeds


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