Let’s Mark the 93rd Independence Day by Chanting “Down with Occupiers” Slogan: Statement by Afghanistan Revolutionary Organization (ARO).

Ecuador shames Australia: Ecuador’s decision deserves the praise of all Australians who value freedom of speech and freedom of political expression says Alex Mitchell.

Sweden stalks Julian Assange: The Australian Government is cooperating in the extradition of Australian citizen Julian Assange to Sweden. Alex Mitchell thinks it's time to put the spotlight on the plucky Scandinavian kingdom.

The Nightmare of Operation ‘Odyssey Dawn’: A personal view by Zlatko Pranjic about the attack on Libya

The struggle to build the new Bolivia: Bolivia’s struggle for self-determination naturally brings it into conflict with the United States. But real problems of development remain to be solved.

Peoples in motion: An international conference on the right of people’s to self-determination and secession in Belfast has raised key issues about theory and practice across the globe.

End to war and exploitation - New Year's message from Afghanistan





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