Unmasking the State

Unmasking the State
a rough guide to real democracy
by Paul Feldman


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The State

London rally says ‘Yes’ to Scottish independence: A rally in support of Scottish independence in London heard civil rights legend, socialist and former MP Bernadette Devlin McAliskey defend the right of people to change their state system.

People’s assemblies and reconstructing the state - presentation by Paul Feldman

All change! - Time to end the “viewing and stewing”, says David Payne.

European big business has stranglehold on Ireland - The Lisbon Treaty, aka the European Constitution, has secured the reluctant support of Irish voters, who in the first referendum 18 months ago voted “No”.

Oil talks, and the dying scapegoat walks - The UK and the US falsely blamed a Libyan for the Lockerbie bombing in 1988. But now that it wants Libyan oil, Britain is letting him die at home, writes Alex Mitchell.

Corruption, contempt and apologies - Ray Rising comments on the political crisis sweeping Westminster over MPs’ expenses claims.

London’s alternative summit - Fiona Harrington assess the impact of demonstrations in London and direct actions in the City around the G20 and draws some lessons for the future.

The State - a presentation given by Paul Feldman to an AWTW discussion weekend 1-2 September 2007

Brown stitched up the Labour leadership - now he wants to stitch up our liberty - Press Release from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC)

State and revolution in Venezuela

Afghanistan, Inc Making money out of Afghanistan - A highway that begins crumbling before it is finished. A school with a collapsed roof. A clinic with faulty plumbing. A farmers’ cooperative that farmers can’t use. Afghan police and military that, after training, are incapable of providing the most basic security. And contractors walking away with millions of dollars in aid money for the work. In Afghanistan, Inc published by CorpWatch, Fariba Nawa uncovers examples of where the money has (and hasn’t) gone, how the system of international aid works (and doesn’t), and what it is really like in the villages and cities where outsiders are paid to rebuild the war-torn countryside.

Plans to give European police agency more powers

Biometrics and identity management
Background paper for the 2006 Euroscience Open Forum ESOF, Munich

Arming Big Brother: The EU's Security Research Programme
a Statewatch-TNI report

Big Brother Goes Global - an Index on Censorship article by Statewatch editor, Tony Bunyan

New blow for Home Office as judge quashes six terror orders - 29 June 2006

The International Campaign Against Mass Surveillance

Silent War: The US’ Economic and Ideological Occupation of Iraq - report by Focus on the Global South

Civil liberties eroded in US - the American Civil Liberties Union

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