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Asobi SeksuAsobi Seksu – Walk On The Moon / Sooner

Debut single release reviewed by Dylan Strain

New York 4 piece Asobi Seksu (Japanese for ‘playful sex’) seem to have garnered quite a following since forming in 2002. They should impress many with their debut release for the UK, which will be followed by the quick release of two albums and a short tour.

The single is a nice escape from saturated indie boy rock; this is no obvious New York sound, the two tracks being much more a nod to us Brits.

Beautiful vocals with melancholic bent mix with grey sky keyboards and swirls of layered guitar, for an emotive four minutes, the chorus hiking up the intensity.

‘Sooner’ is much happier but works along similar lines, also taken from the debut LP, it’s too good just to be a B-side and is my favourite of the two tracks.

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