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Donjong HeightsDonjong Heights

Review by Mike Clement

In Donjong Heights are described the sights
Of misfits so sublime,
All existential men, and women them,
Revealed to us in rhyme,
Invited to a yuletide fest,
More a gourmet feast,
To indulge the senses as a guest
Before yon host should cease.

In describing this sophist's ramble
And sojourn through ganja and wine,
We roller coast through our religions
(or lack of them)
and political reason or rhyme,
To visit the secluded, the lonely,
The cultural flotsam of our decade,
That fall by the wayside as flowers,
Unobserved in this life’s grand parade.

Briefly here, for a moment Ben shows us,
As a guest, to a party we come,
To share his astute observations,
With wittiness, humour and fun.
Of everyday life in this city,
A bedsitter land, of ambition and schemes,
A temporary stopgap for many
In the towering block of their dreams.
Where literature, art, music, and friendship
Elevate us, above the tower's brick wall,
To escape the sheer madness of being
And rage against some final call.

Contemporary, visual and vibrant,
Enjoyable, witty, and fun,
A recommendable read for the dunny,
Or some leisurely day in the sun.
It may not appeal to idealists,
Reformers, social deviants, or bores,
However it’s right on for realists, and humourists
To enjoy by the score.
In Donjong Heights then, take a wander,
A browse, a peak, take a look,
A squint, gawp, or a gander
In this, a commendable book.

Donjong Heights by Ben Borek, Egg Box Publishing £12.99

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