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Land of TalkFrom talking to walking

Canada’s famously unlocked front doors open for Land Of Talk and the buzz across America to England continues to build. Dylan Strain reviews their new offering.

Elizabeth Powell nicked her auntie’s guitar and got started. She’s not wasted her time since.

As a lone woman gigging locally in Canada, she got bored, brought in a trusted bloke on bass, Tim K, and one on drums, Bucky Wheaton, men with similar early tastes (Fugazi, Nirvana and Weezer.)

Seven tracks here (plus three bonus tracks) for a debut that has little to do with luck. Sheer hard work brings us this very assured assortment.

With the hard work done, performing gig after gig and the knowledge of what works live, the band had $1,000 to record this collection of largely pacey pieces, which were completed in just three days.

holy god
we are just bags of blood
stop hitting on girls you love
stop picking on girls you love

This chorus from opener Speak To Me Bones (a single release from this year) is a pogo jumping, mosh pit firecracker. The lyrics and committed vocal combine with tough guitar stabs to offer up violence and darkness. Not metal, but certainly magnetic -  they had my attention.

Powell’s lyrics, for the most part, poetically cloud a clear meaning for the listener, as in Sea Farm, which brightens the mood. As with many of the tracks, there are  repeated verses and  a clever change of pace, plus cracking chorus.

Hear Summer Special for some very interesting guitar ideas, All My Friends for the quality chordant noise at the end and recent single Young Bridge, for the band at their most joyous and poppy. Street Wheels is a slow stoner questioning a relationship, but it soon sobers up to fire alongside the rest.

Powell’s got the character, look and high notes. A band to keep your eye on. Really looking forward to seeing them live.

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