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Monday LoveFree love on a Monday

by Dylan Strain

Monday Love is a weekly film & music night to inspire, inform and inebriate at The Good Ship on Kilburn High Road, NW6. I’ve had Monday Love twice now as an antidote to my current, drab, corporate nonsense of a 9 ‘til 5 existence. No inebriation is required.

Indeed, this is a weekday night for those who have grown tired of the selfish Saturday shop ‘til you drop and mortgage mortuary to see a bigger picture - or a better picture - than the dollops of dross spoon fed to the masses by Hollywood.

The well attended launch night on January 8th showed two films highlighting two different subjects - the US media’s portrayal and betrayal of Iraq and, Steal This Film. This is a tale of Scandinavian youth, pirating films and beating Hollywood and the White House.

A second Monday Love highlighted our climate chaos. There we were waiting for the award winning, End of Suburbia (about oil depletion and the collapse of the American Dream) when we experienced the collapse of the DVD player. So two musicians and yours truly entertained the troops, including a couple of rows of very quiet Asian people perhaps expecting films from South Korea set for the following week! There then followed Penny Cole’s interesting talk and Q & A session on climate change and A World To Win’s solutions to the problem set out in the new book, Running a Temperature.

Highlights for the weeks ahead include San Francisco festival winner I Know I’m Not Alone about Michael Franti’s musical journey throughout Iraq and Palestine; Michael Winterbottom’s In This World and comedian Rob Newman’s, History of Oil. He says:

“It's capitalism or a habitable planet - you can't have both. Our economic system is unsustainable by its very nature. The only response to climate chaos and peak oil is major social change.”

Q & A’s with ‘Monday Love’ and Indymedia’s Euan Donaldson

How did Monday Love come about?
The idea for Monday Love was seeded one night in The Ramparts Social centre in
East London, and then began to grow at a quiet meeting in a bar in Portobello Road in the fall of 2006.

Who are the key players putting the night on?
Euan Donaldson (Filmmakers Against War & London Indymedia), Zoe Young( London Indymedia &, Smallmoney (Spiritualkids), ResidentDJ Carlos, & VJ Arun, & The Good Ship pub.
What are the aims of Monday Love?
To bring the Indymedia project to a wider audience and to create a regular weekly place for activists, political filmmakers, campaigners to come and meet, network, chat & chill.

What do you make of the political situation today?
Politicians sometimes discuss how to engage the population in politics, but I believe they actually try their hardest to disengage people from the political process. The last thing they want is for more people to realise the power we have. Monday Love shows what can be achieved by recognising that power, but be careful, for some this is very frightening...
What effect do you think ‘Monday Love’ is having on people from what you’ve seen so far?
Confusion, excitement and a greater respect for peace.

Forthcoming films and music at Monday Love:

February 5th - Palestine
The Sun Doesn’t Shine In This Camp
dj Geshe & The Rub

February 12th - Love night
Michael Franti’s I Know I’m Not Alone
Black Sheep Central & Milli Moonstone

February 19th - Anniversary of invasion of Iraq
Sir!, No Sir!
Princess Emmanuelle

February 26th - Global Resistance
Forth World War & Arundhati Roy in WE
The Hey Chinaskis

March 5th - Debt & International Financial Institutions
Life & Debt
Lee Harris & Virgo-Verbal Assault

March 12th - End The Occupation
Jo Wilding’s Letter To The PM
‘Powerful doc that follows international activist Jo Wilding in her years of opposition to UK/US foreign policy towards Iraq.’  - Time Out
River Styx

March 19th - Immigration
Michael Winterbottom’s In This World
In This World delivers a sustained, sometimes gruelling and traumatic depiction of the business of people-smuggling.
Pop & M.A.D. Scientist

March 26th - OIL
Rob Newman’s History Of Oil

Monday Love - for updates to listings

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