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The Arctic Monkeys
Leave before the lights come on

Review by Dylan Strain

Arctic MonkeysHow old are these boys, 18/19? How old am I, 34. Just about old enough to be their Dad! Yet these lads make me want to start me own rock n’ roll band and I’ll do it! A bit sad you might think, but these boys are as Jim Bowen used to say, “A bit special.” The Arctics have destroyed the opposition this year with record breaking debut album sales, 5 awards and number one anthems. And they’ve got here without the giant corporate label pulling the strings, perhaps unprecedented in music history.

Arctic MonkeysHere, we have a worthy release from the band along familiar lines. ‘Scummy man’ or ‘Dancefloor’ it isn’t, but not to worry. More tales of youth: young lust in dark nightclubs that ends up in shags to regret in the cold light of morning. There’s wise lyrics and music that has that same type of idealistic beauty as ‘A certain romance’ from the album. Rock n’ roll cheeky boys they are, but they’ve a lot of heart.

After this release expect a change of direction as the band prepare to start work on that difficult second album.

Right, I’m off to write some funny rhyming couplets for my rock n’roll band. There’s life in the old boy yet.

The Arctic Monkeys Leave before the lights come on
b/w Put Your dukes up John / Baby I’m Yours Domino Records (Download, 7”, CD)

link watch the video online, it has that excellent actor Paddy Considine in it

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