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Pictures against the wall, come the revolution

Next to Tottenham Court Road Tube station in Oxford Street, a group of artists including the now famous Banksy are selling prints from their very own Santa’s Ghetto.


In the window, a teddy bear languishes on an oil barrel, a dagger through its furry chest, pointing to the responsibility of the oil corporations for the extinction of species.


Above a grinning Blair captures himself on his mobile in front of burning oil-wells. People stop, shocked at first. Then they pour into the shop for more political art. Inside, they stumble over a faceless young guy sitting on the floor wearing a note: “hug-a-hoodie”.


A one-legged little boy stares longingly into a “Vend-a-limb” machine. You can throw rings over a statue of the Virgin Mary. A gold-framed picture shows Mona Lisa with a Marge Simpson hairstyle.

Bush Blair chums

It’s a seriously ironic shot at war, poverty, homelessness, the corporations, consumerism, religion, the monarchy, and the destruction of the eco-system. All power to the collective elbow of East London print house P.O.W.

23 December 2006

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